Market and opinion research is an important tool of the modern economy: you can use it to assess market response to a product in advance, and you can measure customer satisfaction afterwards.

In this context the term “product” extends beyond the conventional concept of market products to planned decisions and actions.

The quality of research is determined by the quality of the panel, the database containing the respondents’ i.e. the panelists’ data.

Our web-based Panelomat system enables you to manage your panels in a simple and efficient way. Panelomat offers a unique integrated system for all panel management functions. Panelomat is easy to use and its processes are clear and logically constructed, thanks to our experience in developing market research software over more than ten years.

Main features:

  • You can import your existing panelists or recruit new ones.
  • Panelists can log in to a portal to check for available surveys and their point balance, redeem their points and bring in new panelists.
  • You can define complex filters and multiple quotas based on panelist attributes
  • Panelists can be invited, reminded and re-invited even in a scheduled way.
  • Popular third party Query Designer and Survey Engine tools are already integrated part of Panelomat, but - thanks to the quite open architecture of Panelomat – any such tools can be integrated easily.
  • You can create sophisticated statistics about your panel based on the attributes of the panelists.
Panelomat Users