eNET Internetkutató és Tanácsadó Kft.

eNet  Ltd. (www.enet.hu)  is a Hungarian market research company, with a large community panel managed by Panelomat. eNet Ltd. Is our partner since 2012.

CAWI Services Ltd.

CAWI Ltd, (http://www.cawi.hu/) a subsidiary of TNS Hungary, was established in 2015. They believe, that opinions have influence on the decisions of teh companies, and build their Panelomat panels in that sense.


CM Research (http://www.cm-research.com/) is a young and ambitious agency that aims to do things better. They are experts in consumer and veterinary market research, where they help their clients in new product development, segmentation, modelling, ad testing and brand health tracking. Innovation in research is at the heart of what they do: that means constantly challenging themselves to do things differently and better, from cutting edge research techniques that use the best of what online has to offer , like new and exciting questionnaires, online forums and own online panels, to advanced stats like our TargetTest (for modelling and scenarios testing) or their validated PSM PriceBuilder.

CM Research manages their panels with Panelomat. Their main panel: VetsPanel is the first exclusive community for vets and vet nurses where veterinary professionals are rewarded for sharing their opinions on a variety of issues. VetsPanel has the widest coverage in Europe among the the veterinary panels. Over 10,000 veterinary professionals are members in: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden.

CM Research is our partner since 2011.

Map Market Research

The  Map Market Research (http://www.map-mr.com/) company in Bulgaria has started to use Panelomat to maintain their online panel. Their panel community  - which is the largest in Bulgaria  - consists of over 19,000 highly active panelists, and a total panel size of over 26,500.  Using Panelomat makes easy to handle the large number of panelists and helps to increase the quality of the panel.

EMI Research Solutions

The US based company, EMI  (http://emi-rs.com/) is one our  oldest partner.

In 2006 we have designed and since then we are developing and maintaining a unique and proprietary Project Management tool for them, named SWIFT Dashboard.

The SWIFT Dashboard is EMI’s seamlessly connects the  client’s surveys with the appropriate sample audience. Equipped with advanced Digital Fingerprinting, sample source quota management, as well as Truth-Tell/Q-check/TBD, SWIFT’s flexible infrastructure puts EMI in a position to launch, field, and close studies with more speed and accuracy than most panels

If you need detailed information about SWIFT, please contact EMI.

Ipsos Hungary

Ipsos Hungary (www.ipsos.hu) one of the largest market research company in Hungary was our first  Panelomat  client. Ipsos  has built  two large online panels for its clients.

Household panel
includes individual users and are used for household research. Over 50,000 panelists, representing the entire population by gender, age and regions. The full database is screened by almost 30 demographic and sociographic criteria in order to define target groups.

Corporate panel includes companies for corporate research, facilitating unique data and research solutions for the web-survey of the Hungarian corporate sector. The goal of the panel is to represent companies, operating in Hungary, by size, region and sector, as well as enabling the individual analyses or research of specific corporate segments.

Unfortunately in 2012  Ipsos International  has centralized his panels  world wide, and the two  Hungarian panels were transferred into Ipsos International’s global panel. Since than the two panels are in dormant state.

4P Research Mix Ltd.

4P Research Mix Polish is a polish company, (www.4prm.com) that has used Panelomat to manage Small Business DNA. Small Business DNA is a panel of polish micro and small enterprises, conducted online. This panel is open to all businesses employing between 1 and 49. The panel is a kind of online community, whose members have the opportunity to present and exchange their views by participating in polls or discussion groups. Chosen registered businesses will receive invitations to participate in the various modules of study and have access to reports on several issues related to the functioning of small business firms in Poland. This allows them to compare their company to others and exchange experiences with other entrepreneurs. The results of our research are being published by our partners wyborcza.biz and TVN CNBC Business.

Project website: www.small-business-dna.pl


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